Attention Parents: Interest in 3-Day Strings Summer Camp?

Strings Parents

We’re taking a quick poll to see if you would you be interested in your child or children attending a 3-day Strings Summer Camp at Palm Beach Public from 9:00 to 1:30 on Tuesday, August 13, Wednesday, August 14 and Thursday, August 15, 2013?

The cost would be $90.00 per child.

Please provide your feedback on our Website poll HERE (link).

Thanks very much.


Poll Has Closed.



We had limited interest in our 3-Day Strings Summer Camp but we did expect that given our announcement late in to the summer break when people already had plans in place. We know you may be interested in a similar program next year and we’ll revisit the topic as the next break approaches. To be continued…


  1. Janine Harris

    My answer is a bit tentative and dependent on cancelling other plans. Who would be teaching? Do you have enough interest to separate by levels? Would there be a discount for a second child?

  2. Christina Vipond

    Looking forward to the new year at Palm Beach Public with the Strings Program!

    Best wishes to all

  3. Christina Vipond

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!