Buy Pizza, Flowers, T-Shirts and more at the Winter Concert

The Palm Beach Public Orchestral Strings Foundation will be selling items to raise money for the program. Plan to purchase the following at the concert . . .

1. Whole Pizza (Cheese & Pepperoni) may be purchased before the concert. Pizzas will be distributed after the concert. Plan on having a delicious Hot Pies Pizza the night of the concert.

2. Flowers may be purchased the evening of the concert. Don’t rush around before the concert trying to buy flowers for your little performer. Instead, buy your flower at the concert.

3. Palm Beach Public Orchestral Strings T-shirts will be on sale before the concert. They make great Christmas gifts.

Additional information will be provided prior to Wednesday’s concert.

Tickets – Remember to purchase tickets for the Winter Concert at the Orchestral Strings Website.

Thank you.