Donate – Keep Our Music Program Alive

On behalf of the Palm Beach Public School Orchestral Strings Foundation, I would like to welcome contributors, students and families to the the 2010-11 Orchestral Strings program.

Palm Beach Public School is known for many things, but it is probably best known for its strings program.  Under Mr. Matzkow’s direction, the program has grown from 15 students to 217 students during the past 16 years.  The program is divided into five separate levels, spanning kinderstrings to advanced strings.

This year over half of the student body is involved in the program. The strings program is the largest Elementary School Choice Program in the State of Florida yet it does not receive any financial support from the Palm Beach County School District or any other governmental agency.

All students participate free of charge, and the instruments and materials are supplied by private donations.  The Foundation was created with the sole purpose to raise financial support and awareness for this exceptional program.

Because of the tremendous participation this year, the need for parental support is greater than ever.  Instead of embarking upon student fund raising efforts, the Foundation has decided to make a direct request to the community and parents.  We are hoping that all everyone in our community will appreciate the value of this program to the students and make a voluntary contribution to ensure its continued success.

Please consider helping in one of the following ways:

  • $10 Toward Music books
  • $25 Toward a Bow Repair
  • $50 Toward an Instrument Repair
  • $100 Toward the Purchase of an Used Instrument
  • $250 Toward the Purchase of a New Instrument
  • $500 Toward Hiring a Part-time Teacher
  • $1000 Toward Hiring Several Part-time Teachers
  • $5,000 Toward Various Program Needs
  • Volunteer on the Foundation
  • Provide auction items for the Foundation’s fundraising event

donate today

Thank you for your support of the strings program and the Foundation.


William T. Abel
President, Palm Beach Public School Orchestral Strings Foundation, Inc.

William T. Abel

William T. Abel President