Important Spring Concert Seating News


Dear Strings Parents:

As we prepare for another year-end concert, we are excited to announce that the Strings program continues to thrive and grow with over 180 children representing 133 families.  However, this growth is presenting new challenges. We are facing a size constraint at the Dreyfoos Meyer Auditorium. Effective for this concert we are implementing a reserved seats/ticket system.

Every family will receive 3 free tickets with seat numbers printed on the ticket.  Please pick up your tickets beginning Tuesday morning between 7:30 and 8:30 at the pre-sale table located at the Cocoanut Row entrance to the school. In addition to the 3 free tickets, you can purchase center stage VIP tickets for $25 beginning Friday, May 16th via the foundation website (

There is the possibility that additional free tickets will be available the night of the concert. These will be distributed on a first come first served basis. There will also be standing room in the back of the auditorium for those without a ticket.

We ask that Kinder and Beginning Strings students sit on parents’ laps after their performances. Intermediate and Advanced Strings students will have their own seating section.

We ask for your cooperation in making this new seating system a success until we can find a long term solution.



William Abel

President, Palm Beach Public School Orchestral Strings Foundation