Important Upcoming Strings Events


Foundation President William Abel sat down with Orchestra conductor and music teacher Andy Matzkow this past week for a quick interview about Important Upcoming Strings Events.

The dates mentioned in the audio interview and transcript below can all be found on our website calendar. 

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Interview Transcript:

William Abel: “Alright Andy, How is everything going?”

Andy Matzkow: “Very Well. It seems to be the time of the year we have a lot of events going on. And I’d like to highlight our Donor Luncheon at the Top of the Point on the 14th of December, and we’d like to have as many of our parents participate in that as possible.”

“Our kids will be playing briefly there but really we’re going to be highlighting the program and certainly acknowledging the donors. So please again this program doesn’t cost you anything. Please give back a little bit and see if you can attend that.”

“We’ll also be performing at Wells Fargo Bank on the 10th of December. On the 13th of December we are going to be at Palm Beach International Airport. We’re going to be doing a news thing on CBS news in the morning. That date again is tentative but that will be before our concert which is the 19th at Dreyfoos High School at 7PM. It is free. Please let your friends, family and relatives know”

“On January 13, 2013 we’ll be the West Palm Beach Library from 1:30 to 3:30. And we have a group playing at the Beach Club on Palm Beach on March 6th.”

“So we have a number of dates coming in and we hope support for all of these. And again, the most important one is the Donor Luncheon on the 14th of December.”

William Abel: “Right. Tickets are $50.00 that really just covers the cost because we are honoring several people who gave generously this year. More information is found on the website at Palm Beach Public Orchestral Strings Foundation dot org. ()

editor: More info on Friday’s Annual Donor Luncheon are HERE »

“And in regards to the concert, Andy, on December 19th, what time do the kids need to be there?”

Andy Matzkow: “There is going to be a printout that each child will get to take home with all of the pertinent information and on the website again and edline will have all of these things so you look at that website on the daily basis and you see it is update frequently and edline is updated every single week.”

editor: For those of you without Edline accounts you can access the Strings Event calendar on our public calendar page HERE » (no login needed).

William Abel: “Thank you.”

Andy Matzkow: “Thank you.”

William Abel: “Happy Holidays.”


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