Notes On Strings March 2011

This is a reprint of the new ‘Notes On Strings’ Print Newsletter published originally on March 1, 2011.

Hello Parents, Students, and Faculty!

We are starting this per semester newsletter to keep our wonderful school up-to-date about the incredible activities, events, and stories that happen within our very own PBP Orchestral Strings Program.

Latest Events

  • Our Strings Foundation has a new website: We expect to launch the site before the end of the school year and it will list all concerts, activities, and volunteer opportunities and provide in-depth information about our program. Those wanting to learn more can visit and refer others to the web site. It will provide insight about the program and just how valuable and rewarding our Strings Foundation Program is to our community.
  • Nominations for the Strings Foundation Board will be received at the meeting on April 12 at 7:00am, held in the office. Elections will be held at the last meeting in May, date to be determined.

Calendar of Events

Volunteer Committees that need your talents


  • Winter / Spring Concerts
  • Outside Performance Opportunities

Public Funding / Awards

  • Grants
  • Teachers Awards
  • Program Awards

Public Relations

  • Webpage
  • Print Media
  • Society of the Four Arts
  • TV & Visual Media
  • Marketing Materials (print, DVD, stationary)

Membership / Outreach

  • Membership Levels
  • Naming Opportunities
  • Endowments
  • Donor Appreciation
  • New Parent Contact

Fundraising Events

  • Happy Hours
  • Benefit Performances
  • Auction / Gala

Please email us by using our contact page to let us know which areas you may be able to assist with.