Things Parents Need to Know for Fall 2012


Foundation President Bill Abel sat down with orchestra conductor and music teacher Andy Matzkow this week for a quick interview about what parents need to know for the Fall 2012 Strings session.


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Interview Transcript:

Bill Abel: “Alright Andy, it’s the beginning of a new school year so we want to know what do you want the parents to know in order to have a successful year?”

Andy Matzkow: “Well, they’re going to have to be informed about what’s going on with the music program, and they look on the Edline site for Palm Beach Public and they have an Orchestral Strings link, go on that site, and all of the information that they need to know, events, dates, are there. There are PDF’s that they can download for all of the forms that they need, so that makes it easy. So keep it available and look at it every day. And that’s really what you should be doing.”

ed: these same forms and dates are on the Resources page of our Foundation website here. Our Foundation website is

“Make sure your child is prepared, on time, and practicing on a regular basis and keeping their instrument in good order. And if you need to communicate with me, do so by email, that’s the easiest way to do it.”

Bill Abel: “And what’s your email address?”

Andy Matzkow: “My email is and that’s on our website so you can reach me right through there when you look at Edline.”

Bill Abel: “How much do you expect kids to practice and what time do you expect them to be here?”

Andy Matzkow: “I would like the kids to practice for half an hour a day, the younger ones in Kindergarten of course, if they do ten minutes a day that’s more than enough. But at least a half an hour a day for the older kids, and the kids who are in Advanced Strings may have to do more, ah, we also have a list of private instructors that are on that website, look at that, and if you need any direction just contact me.”

Bill Abel: “Thank you.”